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Premium deodorant soap & beard oil.

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Ultimate beard protection!

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Fragrance oil

You know, like perfume or cologne.

Feel and smell instantly with our fragrance oil!

What about antiperspirant?

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May experience a urge to shower

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Ultra moisturizing goat milk soap!

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Victory Pose Deodorant

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Ultra effective

I switched over to natural deodorant about 2 years ago. I have tried so so many...This is literally THE BEST natural deodorant I’ve used. I have exercised, deep cleaned my house, done yard work, and chased after 3 dogs and 4 year old and can say without a doubt this has done the best job of any natural deodorant out there. It also smells like black cherries, which is obviously a sweet bonus!

Rope And Wreath

I keep mine in the Jeep. It saves me when we're shopping and my kids tell me they can smell my pits through their masks. Get yourself some. You won't regret it.    

Susie See

I have been using the Rise Victory Pose deodorant for a week now. I absolutely LOVE it! It completely works and keeps me feeling fresh all day. I am officially hooked and am so glad I found this product. HEART HEART


Works amazingly well at the day job and the gym!


life-changing for a girl who plays soccer three times a week and rocks doubleheaders on the regular.


I just sold Victory Pose to my furniture sales lady. She asked what my perfume was & I told her it was my deodorant. I sent her a pic of the scent and she ordered it! LOL

Rock on😎💯👍

Sherri Riley’s bestie.

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Dave Andrews can be reached at

Frequently Asked Questions

Shelf life?

Hard to apply if it gets cold just warm it up with body heat.

Will it melt in summer heat? don’t leave it in direct sunlight. 


I started Victory Pose by accident. Inspired , a friend made my first deodorant. Now it’s a labor!

Here’s to those that go and acknowledge

hardwork is the key 


mind health! Dave A.