VP Story

At Victory Pose, we want everyone to feel confident enough to be victorious every day.

What happens when you combine a concrete-mixer driver, father to a teenaged girl, and an accidental –shockingly effective– deodorant recipe meant only to score "crafty" points at Christmas? 


        More about the creator, Dave Andrews

In the early 2000’s, I went on the search for aluminum free deodorant. As a long time consumer of simple, clean and natural foods, medicines and body products, I was inspired to create Victory Pose with the intention of not only providing solid income for my family but also employing others in my community.

If you care about your health, maybe you won’t need healthcare. And whether I have manifested it or not, I have not, thus far, needed healthcare. 

Victory Pose stands for premium quality, durability, and sustainability. Our blue-collar work ethic will not let you down. 

The Victory Pose name stands for positivity. A belief in the pure potentiality of all people. Our diamond breasted, Rose eagle symbolizes strength, invincibility, and good health, while our blue eagle symbolizes stability, protection, and longevity. 

Victory Pose is a movement embracing sustainability and elevating quality of life.